Vancouver Point Grey stands up for BC:
4 pm June 3rd 2012 at Kits Beach

Shore of the Salish Sea -- Unceded Coast Salish Territory

Premier Clark: say NO! to supertankers on our coast, and pipelines cutting across BC!

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The newspaper ad for the Sun and Province will be ready in 2 to 3 weeks.

Our next goal is to place the ad in Sing Tao, Vancouver's highest circulation Chinese language daily, and First Nations Drum, Canada's National Native newspaper. The longer we keep these ads in the public eye, and the harder it is for Christy Clark to ignore our concerns!

If you would like to help make that happen there are two ways to donate:

1. By cheque: Payable to VTACC, PO Box 74504, Kitsilano RPO, Vancouver BC, V6K 4P4.

2. By Paypal:


We're running out of time to stop climate change, but it seems like our governments are determined to push forward with plans that will make the problem worse.

Exporting and burning more oil will push us that much closer to runaway global warming. One oil spill would ruin our coast for a generation.

Oil companies want to bring supertankers to our coast that would carry 1 million (in English Bay!) or 2 million (on the stormy North Coast!) barrels of oil each! This is a disaster-in-waiting.

We know that Prime Minister Harper is looking out for the oil companies on this, but what about our own Premier, Christy Clark? BC gets all of the risks with this plan, and none of the benefits.

Premier Clark needs to know that the voters in her riding care about this issue and want her to do the right thing for BC.

We want her to know that the voters of Vancouver Point Grey are getting organized, and that we are going to make this an issue in the next provincial election -- May 2013.

The full page ad is the first step in building a strong local network for political action. Focused political pressure will make the difference.

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