BC: the last stand for climate action?

We're running out of time to stop climate change, but our governments appear determined to push forward with plans to export heat trapping fossil fuels that will make the problem worse, including:

  • Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline, exporting vast amounts of tar sands oil through wild northern BC.
  • Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion, more than doubling the flow of tar sands oil to ports in Metro Vancouver.
  • plans for pipelines to allow the export of liquified natural gas (methane) - a powerful heat trapping pollution.

Oil spills: a question of when, not if.

One oil spill could ruin our coast for a generation, yet oil companies want to bring huge tankers to our coast.

  • Up to 10 per week with 1 million barrels of oil each in English Bay.
  • Larger vessels carrying 2 million barrels of oil each on the stormy North Coast.

Where is the BC NDP in all this?

With the Liberal government looking wobbly and an election less than a year away, it's important to know where the BC NDP stand on these important issues.

  • They have come out against Enbridge Northern Gateway: Great.
  • They haven't taken a stand on the Kinder Morgan expansion. Not Great.
  • They appear to be enthusiastically endorsing liquified natural gas exports. Terrible!

Premier Clark and our official opposition need to know that we are going to make this an issue in the next election.

If you agree, please send an email to the Honorable Christy Clark (cc'd to NDP leader Adrian Dix) right now.

What next?

Our next goal is to place the ad in Sing Tao, Vancouver's highest circulation Chinese language daily, and First Nations Drum, Canada's National Native newspaper. The longer we keep these ads in the public eye, the harder it is for Premier Clark to ignore our concerns!

If you would like to help make that happen there are two ways to donate:

1. By cheque: Payable to VTACC, PO Box 74504, Kitsilano RPO, Vancouver BC, V6K 4P4.

2. By Paypal:

We are an all-volunteer, grassroots organization. All of your donations go straight into action.