Arsenic-laden coal on Texada Island beach near Lafarge Canada coal loading facility

These photos were taken by concerned citizens on a visit to Texada Island on February 9 2014 and are freely available for use. High resolution versions are also available. Credit: anonymous.

To learn more about the government's failure to notify the public of their decision to allow a massive expansion of coal exports on Texada, their failure to act on Lafarge Canada's violation of their existing coal export permit, and how BC citizens had to crowd fund their own lab tests to confirm arsenic contamination on the beach, go here. toppart

Looking northwest to Lafarge Canada coal loading facility on Texada Island. Coal samples were collected from the beach in the photo.

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Large pieces of coal like those shown here were included in the lab test.

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Smaller pieces of coal like those shown drifted over the sand here were also included in the test.