Past Actions

"Coal For Christmas? What did we do to deserve that?" (December 2006)

The Carnival BandOur inaugural event, motivated by sheer frustration over the BC government's plan to build two new coal fired power generating plants in the Interior.

The rally was held on December 9th at Kits Beach, in Premier Gordon Campbell's riding. We provided a festive and family-oriented atmosphere by inviting The Carnival Band, having a carol sing-along (a climate-change themed version of Jingle Bells), organizing face-painting and other games for kids, and providing our very own Grinch! Speakers included: Mark Jaccard, energy economist from SFU; Randy McLean, Mayor of Princeton, and Rex Weyler, one of the founders of Greenpeace. Our message was clear: we want immediate, dramatic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. After all, making sure our kids have a healthy environment to grow up in is the best present we can give them for Christmas.

In all, over 200 people turned out to the rally in support of our effort, confirming our conviction that the general public is very concerned about climate change and wants government to take action! TV and print media were on hand as well and the event was well covered. We took the "green" tone of the subsequent BC Throne Speech as proof that politicians do respond to pressure from voters, and were encouraged to continue to rally for action on climate change issues.

Press Coverage

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Photos from the Event

Girls SingingGirl with a signRandy McLean - Mayor of PrincetonRex Weyler - Greenpeace guitar singalongboy with signs