Past Actions

Climate Change Valentines (February 2007)

At VTACC we ask ourselves, "Why is it so difficult to find a politician who loves this planet?" Hmm, we thought, "Maybe you just have to get them in the mood..." With the House back in session in Ottawa, MP's were undoubtedly busy making Valentine card holders to hook over the backs of their seats, and most everyone was eagerly awaiting February 14th. It was obviously the perfect time to send a Valentine to Ottawa!

In all, Canadians mailed over 4000 Valentines to their MPs from ridings across the country. We made sure that every MP got at least one, because we all know how it feels to miss out Valentine's Day. Then we asked our MP at the time, Stephen Owen, to ask Environment Minister John Baird how many Valentine he got. We pestered Mr Owen with this frivolous request for so long that he eventually hailed our campaign as one of the most creative he had seen in his time as an MP. Thank you, Mr. Owen. Unfortunately, we never did get John Baird to say how many Valentines he received.

Photos from our Valentine "sign-in" at Granville Island in Vancouver

talking to people on the streetaddressing valentines