VTACC & Communities and Coal vs
Vancouver Fraser Port Authority

Defending our communities from US thermal coal exports

A new coal port on the Fraser River means more late night noise as our kids try to sleep. It means more pollution from diesel exhaust and coal dust, and longer waits as US coal trains, more than a kilometre long, rumble through our neighbourhoods.  It means more harm to our climate when that coal is burned.

We’re challenging plans for a new coal port on the Fraser because decisions that impact our future shouldn’t be made without meaningful public input.   Find out more and help make it happen here.

Is your community at risk from LNG?

Ask your candidates to take a stand on this issue

Plans for LNG exports in BC are rushing ahead without proper regulatory oversight of safety and security risks.  This has to change — government must prioritize public safety over achieving a “win” on the LNG file.

Visit LNGTankerSafety.org to find out how close you live to LNG tanker hazard zones and call on your candidates in the coming BC election to take a stand on this issue.