About Us

VTACC creates opportunities for people to demand that governments take action on climate change, and we work to connect the dots between the urgent need to reduce emissions and plans & policies which will increase them.

We are completely volunteer driven and not affiliated with any political group. All the money we raise goes straight into our campaigns. No overhead!



We want BC and Canada to achieve their share of emissions reductions necessary to stabilize atmospheric greenhouse gases at levels which will avoid catastrophic and irreversible changes to our planet’s climate. There is broad consensus that this means greater than 90 percent reduction in our total emissions by 2050. This will require capping our total emissions immediately, and steep annual reductions in emissions until targets are met.

There is no time to waste if we are to meet this goal. Governments must start to introduce tough measures to reduce emissions immediately. Incremental changes are important, but fundamental, transformative changes to how we live and work are also required if we are to leave our children a planet like the one we have now.

BC and Canada both should be world leaders in addressing climate change. Given our relative affluence, expertise, and available resources, other jurisdictions should turn to us as an example of what must be done to solve this crisis.


Influence municipal, provincial and federal politicians to take meaningful action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions starting immediately by:

  1. Creating awareness of the climate crisis among other community members so that they become mobilized to demand action from government and corporate actors.
  2. Inspiring others through the example of our own community based activism to become empowered to take action in their own local communities.
  3. Continuing to plan and carry out our own local/riding based actions to put direct pressure on government to act.


We want to ensure that the actions we undertake are creative, engaging, multi-generational, personally and socially sustainable, community building, non-partisan, and inclusive of others. We want our actions to be reflective of who we are: a group of neighbours who are taking action because we are concerned about this serious and urgent problem.  The single most powerful tool for change we have in this country is citizen engagement. When the public works together to demand action, the politicians listen.  We encourage you to organize your community and start taking collective action to fight climate change.

Current Directors

Andrea Chapman

David Green

Donald Gordon

Kathy Harrison

Kevin Washbrook

Quincy Young