The Rush To Export LNG Puts Our Communities At Risk!

Read how you can ask your BC election candidates to call for strong LNG safety and security regulations.

In their desperate effort to achieve a “win” on LNG, the BC government has neglected to protect the public from the safety and security risks posed by LNG tanker traffic and terminal siting.

In the United States, strict rules require LNG proponents assess risks from LNG terminals and tanker traffic before any permits are issued. Proponents must map hazards along tanker routes and assess the risk and consequences of deliberate attack and plan for their prevention. Nothing like this happens in Canada.

In fact, no government agency, federal or provincial, is tasked with asking fundamentally important questions:

  • Is this a safe place to build an LNG terminal?
  • Is this an appropriate waterway for the movement of LNG tankers?

We shouldn’t have to wait for a tragedy like the one in Lac Mégantic Quebec before government finally addresses the need for regulatory oversight of LNG exports.

VTACC is working with groups all along the BC coast to ask provincial election candidates to call for strong regulation of LNG tanker traffic and terminal siting. Visit to find out how close your community is to LNG tanker hazard zones and demand your candidates take a stand on this issue.