Thermal coal exports threaten our communities and our climate!

Read why VTACC is taking the Port to court.

On the US west coast, plans for SIX new coal export terminals have been stopped by community organizing and wise leadership by government and First Nations. No one there wants these harmful projects near their homes.

Now US companies want to ship their thermal coal through a new port on the Fraser River in Surrey BC. Our province is big coal’s last hope of getting their dirty, climate destroying fossil fuel to foreign markets.

A coal port on the world’s richest salmon river is an incredibly bad idea, but the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority has ignored widespread opposition and approved this destructive plan. (Hypocritically, the BC government has also turned a blind eye to this project — while promoting LNG exports as a way to reduce coal use in Asia!)

We can’t just stand by while the Port makes bad decisions that impact our communities and our climate and put our future at risk.  That’s why we’ve teamed up with Communities and Coal to challenge the Port Authority’s approval of this project in court.

Learn more about the harm this project would bring to our communities, the environment and our climate, and contribute to our legal challenge here: TakeThePort2Court